What We DO

Our History and Philosophy

The philosophy of Syntax + Motion is to unite the arts of communication and design with the sciences of development and analytics in order to create innovative, impactful content delivery. Whether we’re designing a new website, implementing an e-commerce solution, promoting a new author, or launching an online course, we approach each new project with a willingness to take risks and learn new skills. And at the same time, we use the methods that we have spent years improving – methods with proven success.

The Syntax + Motion team has an established background in content delivery. We’ve distributed hundreds of online courses and created beautiful, responsive websites. We’ve designed logos, created curriculums, and built detailed web tools. Among our team members, we have specialized knowledge in insurance and financial services, book publishing, fashion e-commerce, arts and entertainment – we’ll stop bragging, but the list goes on.

At Syntax + Motion, we form client relationships based on trust, respect, communication, and integrity. We want our professional partnerships to be like our work: of the highest quality. And we only work with a select number of clients at a time, because we promise personal attention, fast turnaround, and service that exceeds expectations. We love language. We love technology. We love ideas. If you have similar interests, let’s talk. Call or email us today.

How We Do It

Our Process

Syntax + Motion is a unique custom design and product launch agency. Just like we combine the art of language and the science of technology, we combine a commitment to innovation and trying new things with a toolkit of established systems and thorough industry knowledge. We have detailed checklists, timelines, packages, resource lists, and more. We could do things with our eyes closed – but instead we use a different metaphor and break new ground whenever we can.

When we work with you, we want to learn as much as possible about your current brand and product. Together, we will determine what success looks like and build a tailored plan for getting there. We use a collaborative process, frequently getting your feedback on our work as we go. We organize many parts moving at once (from design to development to strategy to production) into one cohesive whole. The project isn’t complete until you are satisfied. We set expectations – then exceed them.

To learn how to hold an audience with our launch method, watch our free classes and take our online course. We want to share what we’ve spent years learning and perfecting, so we created a way for you to combine our expertise with your own DIY enthusiasm. When you use our materials to guide your own launch, write us an email about it. If you are interested in engaging us to run your launch, design your website, or do something that’s never been done before, call or email Syntax + Motion today.

Our People

Who We Are
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They are totally cool. They made my website. I learned a lot from them. I love them.
Alex Kim
Syntax + Motion is totally awesome