Julia Pimsleur Video Production

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Julia needed a video teaser to entice her followers to sign up for her webinar series. She went to Syntax + Motion for full production services: script consulting, filming, editing with motion graphics and music, lead page, email funnels, and marketing strategy. The timeline for release was tight, and Syntax + Motion made all deadlines, so that Julia could release an attention-grabbing video in time to recruit participants. With the help of the video, she filled all of the seats in her webinar.

Video Pre-Production

Script Consulting

Video Shoot

Video Editing

Branding Design

Lead Page

Website Design & Development

Email Marketing


Julia Pimsleur: Million Dollar Women Masterclass

Julia’s exclusive webinar series teaches the six pillars of business success to a select group of female founders and CEOs from around the world. Julia teaches how mindset, skill set, and network are essential to business growth. Her masterclass also includes moderated Mastermind groups for her students to discuss their particular challenges and outcomes with their peers going through the same journey.